Red long Buddha necklace


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Red long Buddha necklace with mixed gemstones, the metal ornaments are of first grade silver. This colourful necklace in bright red thread is handknotted with luxurious gemstones.

It has two symbols: The Buddha figure, which creates spiritual development, and will lead you to the insight where you experience the true nature of reality. The mouth symbolises the door to the soul,which lends access to another realm of existance. The red color of the necklace is a warm color that evokes a strong sense of passion, lust, sex, energy.

The necklace is 100 cm

The meaning of the mixed gemstones and mala bead:

GarnetGarnet: Brings happiness, luck, success and initiates the creative impulse in energie and passion.

Smokey QuartzSmokey Quartz: Is a very protective and grounding stone. It brings physical and psychic protection. It is also an excellent stone for protection from negative energy.

Rock CrystalRock crystal: Will assist the higher chakras to emanate white light and aids your connection with spirit.

Pyrite gemstonePyrite: Is a unique protector, drawing energy from the earth through the physical body and into the aura, creating a defensive shield against negative energies. Avoid water, pyrite may contain iron elements and can easily tarnish.

Mala bead gemstoneMala bead: They allow us to focus the mind on a single pointed task as we work through our meditation. A mala can be a powerful tool in your quest for wellness and clearer understanding.